Wear Wax
Wear Wax is an ethnic brand born in Paris, a mix between the Parisian chic and the africain famous fabric: wax. The logo is a combination of type and stamps. The goal is simple: being able to use rubber stamps as a way of filling the empty spaces in the logo to give it a personal and evolutive design.
Guide 50 éco-gestes
The layout is aiming to guide the reader quickly and easily through the new set of eco-values. Following the graphic guidelines of COP, a climate conference, 50 everyday actions have been regrouped into this book, and is issued by the Région Île-de-France to raise awareness among their employees about the climate.
Vinci Grands Projets
The Vinci Grands Projets motion design for the new years wishes aimed to show the key accomplishments and to better connect with employees during the pandemic.
Motion design for La Cipav, following the graphic guidelines for the 40 years anniversary of the company. The molecular design is used to show connection and unity within the company and the insured people.
The Message
Inspired by album covers and artist's background or references, this extract from a personal project is portraying multiple rap songs into short video bursts.
A poster collection destined to raise awareness on road safety for Sanef, a French motorway company.
Région Île-de-France
Multiple designs for internal communication at la Région Île-de-France. By providing different support adequate for each subject, and each employee, la Région ensure a strong messaging platform and a brand new identity alongside.
Imaginaire & Jardins
Design for Imaginaire & Jardins, a call for projects regarding the use of green spaces in the nine cities under their responsibility. The logo is aiming to create a link between natural and urban spaces, using nine colors forming a tree around the project.
CTIP: prévoyance collective
The CTIP guide collection was designed to bring the mutual insurer values to life. Five guides aiming to inform and engage with more transparency, accompanied by five motion design videos whose goal is to convey an image of accessibility.
La Cravate Solidaire
Various communication assets for La Cravate Solidaire ranging from a leaflet to a website. La Cravate Solidaire (translates to the Suportive Tie) is an non-profit association aiming to help young graduate find a job, with a key feature: offering an outfit to get them started.
Motion design for Aviagroup, celebrating the birth of a new aeronautical group composed of 4 entities and thus revealing the new identity.
Jacques Alti
Motion design for Jacques Alti, a glass maker celebrating the 60th anniversary of the company and revealing the new identity.
La coopération agricole
Motion design for the Coopération Agricole's new year wishes in-line with a new communication plan aiming to add value to each of their division.
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